Value of Mount Washington Glass

Everyone wants to know how much Mount Washington glass is worth.  The simple answer is, it just depends.  Mount Washington produced tens of thousands of pieces of glass.  These items were sold for decades at all kinds of outlets to all kinds of different people.  One of a kind examples could be worth $10,000 or more.  Generic examples will be worth around $100 or even less.  Consider some of the following value related information:

Which Mount Washington Line is the Piece from?
The market has decided that Royal Flemish is the top of the line when it comes to Mount Washington.  Values for Royal Flemish will be higher than anything else (in most cases).

How Large is the Piece?
All art glass collectors know that size is important when trying to determine value.  This is directly related to original selling prices.  Larger examples were more costly to make, so they sold for more money, so fewer people could afford them.   Large piece of Mount Washington glass are valuable today because they were expensive at the time of original sale.

What Shape is the Piece?
If you want to buy a Mount Washington biscuit jar then you could likely go to any antique mall, spend $150, and buy one.  However, if you want a large punch bowl you simply might not ever be able to find one.  And when one does show up there will be thirty other people also looking to buy it.  Rare forms command more money.

Is the Piece High Quality?
This is where experience is very important.  A well-trained eye will be able to tell when an example of Mount Washington glass is nicer than 99 other examples just like it.  This usually comes down to decoration and ornamentation.

The value of Mount Washington glass all comes down to supply and demand.  Things are valuable because they are rare and infrequently available.  Other things are common because they are available at will.

If you need help pricing your exact piece of Mount Washington glass, then just ask.  We happily give free appraisals and offers.

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