Crown Milano Line from Mount Washington Glass

General Info
Crown Milano is the company name for a line of glass products made by Mount Washington Glass.  Any dealer or collector can help you identify your piece as Crown Milano or something else.  A lot of Crown Milano pieces have silver incorporated into them.  You can also find raised areas that are applied ornamentations like buttons or beads.  The actual color of Crown Milano ranges from something very close to white, to creams, pinks, and beiges.  Delicate handles and lots of gold work are signatures of a Crown Milano piece.  The designs were used across several popular shapes and forms.  Expect to see more than just vases.  Also of note, Dresden Decorated, Rich Decorated, and Ivory Decorated are other company names for Crown Milano.

Crown Milano Mt Washington Mark

Crown Milano Mt Washington Mark

The good news is that a lot of Crown Milano glass from Mount Washington is marked.  If the piece is marked, then the bottom with have a C and an M overlapping each other.  There is a crown above the CM.  Crown Milano was made during the Pairpoint era at Mt. Washington, so there could be a P for Pairpoint.  The very first examples of Crown Milano were called Albertine by the company.  It is possible to have a paper label that says Albertine.

Most of the best examples of Crown Milano glass are closely held and rarely available.  However, when the best of the best is sold, it usually sells for high four figures.  Nice examples regularly sell for over $1,000.  The smaller more common pieces can sell for as little as $100.  As with anything, the value is all based on rarity, condition, size, and desirability.

Shapes and Scenes
Long story short, if Mt. Washington made it, they probably used it for Crown Milano.  Expect to find lots of biscuit jars, pitchers, fluted and or bulbous vases.  Generic and inexpensive examples will just have a simple floral decoration.  The valuable pieces tend to feature fish, butterflies, birds, crabs, dragons, people, etc.  The list is very long.  Below are just a few examples of some really nice Crown Milano pieces.

We would be happy to give you a free appraisal on your Crown Milano Wares by Mount Washington.  Just send us a few digital photos and we will respond back quickly with our opinion.

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