Burmese Glass by Mount Washington

Burmese Paper Label

Burmese Paper Label

Burmese glass is one of the signature lines from Mount Washington.  It was popular during the 1880s as a modern decorative item.  Today Burmese glass is popular as an antique collectible item.  Correctly identifying Mount Washington’s Burmese glass really just comes down to knowing the shapes and decoration styles used by the factory.  If you are very lucky then your piece will have a paper label as shown at the right.  Very few labels like that have survived for 130 years though.

The pictures below are representative of just a few of the shapes and styles used by Mount Washington for their Burmese glass.

If you need help valuing or authenticating your Burmese glass, then just ask.  We are happy to help free of charge:  Manning@MtWashingtonGlass.com.

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