Colonial Ware Line from Mount Washington Glass

General Info
Colonial ware glass by Mount Washington is one of the more recognizable lines of glass that the company made.  The background of the glass is always a very rich white color.  I have heard the words bone, ivory, and milk colored used to describe the shade of white.  At first glance most colonial ware can look similar to Crown Milano.  However, all colonial ware pieces were made for their own shapes.  So if you consult a master catalog (or us) we can tell you if what you have is colonial or Crown Milano.

Colonial Ware Mark by Mt Washington

Colonial Ware Mark by Mt Washington

Fortunately for collectors most Colonial ware is marked.  The bad news is that the mark would not be closely associated with Mount Washington to the casual observer.  The mark on Colonial ware will contain a shape number (usually four digits) and a crown inside a red laurel wreath.  Anything that isn’t marked should be viewed with some skepticism.

All Mount Washington glass has been more popular in years past than it is today.  The very best Colonial ware examples will still sell for more than $5,000.  However, most examples are worth less than $1,000.  We would encourage you to show us pictures of what you have before you dismiss it as not valuable.

Shapes and Scenes
As the name suggests, you can expect to find many pieces of Colonial ware with colonial figures.  Animal and floral scenes were also used by the artists at Mount Washington.  We have included pictures below of some of the more interesting Colonial Ware pieces.  Remember that this is just a small sampling.  There were dozens of other shapes and designs used.

We would be happy to give you a free appraisal on your Colonial Ware glass by Mount Washington.  Just send us a few digital photos and we will respond back quickly with our opinion.

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