Peach Blow Glass by Mount Washington

Peach Blow Mark

Peach Blow Mark

Mount Washington Glass Company started their Peach Blow line in 1886 after seeing the success of similar glass at other companies.  If you have a hard time telling the difference between peach blow and Burmese, you aren’t alone.  They are basically the same thing except that peach blow is missing oxide of uranium.

Peach blow can be especially hard to correctly identify and attribute.  If you are lucky then your piece will be marked as “Peach Blow” or “Peach Skin” on a paper label.  In most cases though, you just have to know the shapes of glass made by Mount Washington.  The pictures below show a few examples of peach blow glass.

If you need help identifying or valuing your peach blow glass, then please contact us.  We would be happy to help for free:

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