Royal Flemish Line from Mount Washington Glass

General Info
Royal Flemish is generally considered to be the top of the line when it comes to Mount Washington glass.  The line was first advertised in 1889, but not patented until 1894.  Almost all Royal Flemish patterns are decorated with at least some gold gilt.  Most pieces will also have maroon as one of the dominant colors.  Collectors value Royal Flemish so highly because of the craftsmanship and details that went into each piece.  The artists at Mount Washington had to hand decorate each article.

Royal Flemish Mt Washington Mark

Royal Flemish Mt Washington Mark

Most Royal Flemish ware is not marked.  When attempting to identify an authentic example, you just have to look for quality work.  Some pieces are marked on occasion.  The mark is pictured to the right.  One mark is a backwards R and an F, which of course stands for Royal Flemish.  Some items could still have an original paper tag.  Others could have a handwritten number.  That number should correlate to the shape number as assigned by Mount Washington.

There was a time in the early part of the 21st century when the very best Royal Flemish designs were selling for close to $30,000.  Today it is reasonable to expect the exceptional pieces to sell for more than $10,000.  The better than average examples are selling for around $2,000 – $5,000.  The run of the mill Royal Flemish designs can be worth less than $1,000.  There is no point A to point B way to value any Mount Washington glass article.  Size, form, condition, and rarity are always important.

Shapes and Scenes
Royal Flemish was popular and produced for a long time, so several shapes were used:  vases, temple jars, pitchers, lamps, ewers, and several others.  These were often decorated with familiar Mount Washington styles that include, but were not limited to:  fish, ducks, owls, geese, griffins, eagles, medals, coins, desert scenes, and any number of flower designs.

We would be happy to tell you how much your Royal Flemish piece is worth for free.  Just send us a few digital photos and we will respond back quickly with our opinion.

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