Rose Amber Glass by Mount Washington

Rose Ambler Vase by Mt Washington

Amberina Vase

We really just include info about Rose Amber glass by Mt Washington for the sake of completeness.  We don’t deal with this line very often.  Pieces are difficult to correctly attribute and they are rarely worth more than a couple hundred dollars.

Rose Amber, also know as Amberina, was a dark colored glass made by Mount Washington.  It was first produced in the early part of the 1880s.  A patent was applied for in 1886 due to the prevalence of “knockoffs” done by competitors.  Mount Washington used a lot of pitchers and creamers for this line.  Expect to see rims on vases similar to the example we have pictured here.  Very few Rose Amber pieces were marked.  The ones that were marked only had a paper label (which tends to get lost 130 years later).

We would be happy to help identify and value your piece, but do not get your hopes up.

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