Lava Glass from Mount Washington

General Info
Lava glass, also known as Sicilian Ware, is line of glass made by Mount Washington.  The name comes from the fact that the original pieces were made from lava originating from Mt. Aetna in Sicily, Italy.  The line was first introduced in 1878.  It is highly likely that lava glass is the first commercial line of glass made by Mount Washington.  Lava glass is probably one of the most confusing lines from Mt Washington.  All lava glass has a very art deco feel.  You just would not expect to see pinks, limes, and electric blues in a line of glass made in the 1870s.

I have never seen any marked Lava glass.  If you find an example that is marked then I would be highly suspicious of it.

Lava glass is very old.  Lots of examples in today’s market have been repaired or are damaged.  Pieces in perfect condition are in demand.  They usually range in value from $1,000 to $5,000.  We would encourage you to contact us for exact pricing.

Shapes and Scenes
The pictures below are fairly representative of what you should expect to find on the market today.  95% of lava glass is black.  However, we did include a raspberry example.  The raspberry color carries a premium.  The shapes you will find for the lava line are not like other Mount Washington shapes.  Lava glass is usually short with a narrow opening.

We would be happy to tell you how much your Lava glass is worth.  Just send us a few digital photos and we will respond back quickly with our opinion.  Our info and communication is always free.

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